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Gastronomique Le Mont


Restaurant which meant “mountain” in French. The restaurant offers a panoramic view of the foot of Mt. Fuji spreading out of the window of the restaurant,
a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal while being surrounded by refreshing nature.

Produced by Hidemasa Yamamoto, a chef who fascinates celebrities around the world





Inaugurated as General Chef of “The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.”


In 1984 he became General Chef of “The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.”. At the age of 28 he will be in charge of the inauguration party for the 40th President of the United States President Ronald Reagan. Since then, Mr. Bush, Mr. Clinton and the president of the three consecutive presidential dinner parties have served. Engaging in numerous official dinners and parties organized by First Lady, it fascinates the US financial community and celebrities.


Became the first chief chef of “Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo”


Returned to Arcil in 2005 as the first General Chef of “Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo”. The following year, the hotel contributed to the acquisition of the world’s first six star hotel. In addition, it is the world’s first achievement that three restaurants of the hotel won one star in Michelin respectively. It continues to be active globally and attracts celebrities around the world.



Using refined seasonal ingredients such as fresh seafood of Suruga Bay, local vegetables, brand cattle etc. and carefully selected production areas, grilled dishes that maximized the taste with a simple technique were refined mainly We offer creative one item one item.


If you say

Japanese French Enjoying the Four Seasons with Five Senses


Enjoy the blissful menu of Legend Chef HIDE-YAMAMOTO.



It is a unique dining experience of the resort hotel, with a view of Gotemba’s night view that spreads out of the window, and being surrounded by refreshing nature.
Japanese French, which enjoys the four seasons with five senses, is a delicacy that utilizes fresh ingredients from the local area.

floor 5F
Seating capacity 60 people ※Please contact us if you have more than 60 people.
business hours 17:30~21:00
Regular holiday Monday


Carefully selected ingredients such as freshly made egg dishes prepared by the chef in front of you, and fresh ingredients produced locally. Good morning because it is delicious. Good morning because it is morning. Please enjoy “Fuji’s breakfast” which you want to eat again once you eat it.


Fuji's breakfast

¥ 2,600

※A 10% consumption tax will be charged separately.

●Chef’s live kitchen
・Special omelet (cook freshly-made omelet with your favorite ingredients. Of course, even plain!)
・Bone cutting pork ham cutting service from Gotenba


Today’s soup / special bacon / rough ground wine / chef curry curry / dried overnight in the shores of Suruga Bay / grilled fish / salad bar with highland vegetables and homemade dressing / French toast · waffle · hot cake with plenty of honey / Gotenba Koshihikari rice At Mishima and Numazu’s Boiled Dish  etc…


※The posted menu is an example. In addition, menu composition may be changed by the purchase of the season or the day. Please note.




business hours weekday 7:00~9:00
holiday   7:00~10:00
Regular holiday No rest

When using the restaurant

Gastronomique Le Mont
breakfast business hours 7:00~9:00 Regular holiday None
dinner business hours 17:30~21:00 Regular holiday Monday

※Please contact us if you have more than 60 people.
※We will operate as usual for Golden Week, summer season, New Year holidays and public holidays.

Regular holiday Monday


Restaurant reservation / inquiry 0550-82-9602

Use of the restaurant is a full reservation system until 20:00 a day before. (Some courses are until 20:00 3 days ago)
Also, please refrain from entering the store and specifying the table. Please note.
Please note that the menu uses carefully selected ingredients, and the contents will change depending on the circumstances of the stocking.

Please contact us for group bookings (weekdays also on request).


About allergy

Please inform us in advance if there are any ingredients that cause allergies and ingredients that have been stopped by your doctor.
(We use and cook five major allergic ingredients in the same kitchen and cookware. Please inquire for details.)

In our restaurant, we cook using 7 ingredients of allergy specific items and 20 items according to it.