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Basic policy for customers with food allergies

・At our hotel, we are working as hard as possible so that customers with food allergies can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

・We obtain information on food allergies from manufacturers (food manufacturers, etc.) and strive to remove allergens as much as possible.

However, although labeling is obligatory for 7 items of allergen-specified raw materials, labeling is recommended for 20 items that are equivalent to allergen-specified raw materials, and labeling is not recommended for other items, so it is difficult to fully understand allergens.

・Since we cook in the same kitchen as the general menu, we use the same tableware, cooking utensils, cleaning utensils, etc. as the general menu. In addition, wheat may be scattered in the air and mixed with other foodstuffs as an allergen substance.

・Due to the above reasons, the menu we offer is not a complete allergy-friendly menu, and we will unavoidably refuse customers with severe allergic symptoms.

・When placing an order, please understand the above and make the final decision by the customer.


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